Anticorruption Legislation – Panama

Author: Joaquín De Obarrio

Country Profile and Background to Anti-Corruption legislation

According to Transparency International, Panama is ranked 93 out of 180 countries in the international rankings list. In the Corruptions Perception Index, Transparency International has scored Panama at 37 out of a 100 for 2018, a 100 score being considered “very clean”. For the past two decades, Panama has enacted important laws in order to put in force a stronger legal framework against corruption, namely:

  • Law 42 of 1998 that ratifies the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption,
  • Law 59 of 1999 against administrative corruption,
  • Executive Decree 246 of 2004 that dictates a Uniform Code of Ethics for public servants,
  • Law 33 of 2013 that creates the National Authority for Transparency and Access to Information,
  • Law 10 of 2015 that modifies the Criminal Code to include corruption related crimes,
  • Law 23 of 2015 preventing money laundering and illegal financing of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.