Shipping Global Practice Guide – Chambers & Partners 2019

María Teresa Díaz, Belisario Porras and Joaquín De Obarrio have contributed for second year to the Chambers Law and Practice Guide – Shipping.

This comprehensive guide provides interesting insight on traditional topics such as;

  1. Maritime Finance: Legal Incentives for Maritime Finance Entities and Projects
  2. Substantive Provisions for Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims
  3. Procedure for Judicial Sale of Vessels Before Maritime Courts
  4. Carriage of Goods by Sea Claims
  5. Marine Accidents in Waterways
  6. Among others.

You may access the Chambers Shipping 2019 Guide – PANAMA – click the link.

IMPORTANT: This document does not intend to provide legal advice. Should you require further information or legal assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.