Business Letter | Public Bid Announcement: Transmission Line 230 KV, Panama II – Chepo (US$26million)

Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica (ETESA) calls to Publid Bid for the works of the Transmission Line 230 KV, Panama II – Chepo, circuit repowering, supply, assembly, commissioning, setting in service and civil works.

“The object of the contract includes the execution of:

Increase of the capacity of the existing Transmission Line of 230 KV, Panama II – Bayano through the change of phase conductor, insulators, fittings and accessories, for a conductor of high temperature and low arrow, lighter, that presents smaller efforts in the towers, than the existing conductor, to guarantee the transport of 600 MVA/Circuit, under maximum operating conditions ( 180°C temperature) and 645 MVA/Circuit under emergency conditions (200°C temperature), in addition to having the lowest rate of technical losses in 30 years (compared to conductors of other types, but of the same or similar diameter). The new sectioning of this 230 kV transmission line and the construction of the new Chepo Substation, conventional type, 230 KV, are also part of the object of the Contract.

The increase in transmission line capacity will be specifically carried out in the section from the Panama II Substation to the Chepo area, where the line will be sectioned (Circuits 230-1A and 230-2A) by the new Chepo electrical substation, located on a plot of land north of Tower No.100. In the section from the new Chepo Substation to the Bayano Substation, the same phase conductor is maintained.”

Preliminary meeting and homologation date: January 21, 2019.


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