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Etéreo Armando Medina M.



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  • Panama Bar Association

  • Inter-American Bar Association (IABA)


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He has more than 15 years of experience as a lawyer, mediator and conciliator. He specializes in Criminal Procedural Law (Accusatory), Commercial Law, Labor Law and Alternative Conflict Resolution Methods, representing companies from multiple industries including mining, ports, among others.

During his career, he has held public positions such as: General Director of the Penitentiary System of Panama, Advisor to the Superior Office of the Ministry of Government, in charge of coordinating the Penitentiary Information System, Review of the Draft Law against overcrowding and Penitentiary Career and in charge of the Coordination of the Technical Table for the analysis, presentation and implementation of the Law of Community Justice of Peace. He was an advisor on issues of the Accusatory Penal System and Restorative Justice; Coordinator of the Night Court and Coordinator of the Post-Penitentiary Assistance Board. In the same way, he was Coordinating Mediator of Central Provinces, in the Judicial Organ, where he also worked as Substitute Judge of Guarantees.

He was member of the Working Group of the Peace Community Justice Law (Alternative Conflict Resolution Methods); Head of Mission and Representative of Panama in the Commission to support the Country Report, before the United Nations Committee against Torture, Geneva, Switzerland. (Human rights); Representative of Panama, at the Citizen Security meeting in South Korea (Human Rights and Penitentiary) Discussion and participation in the proposals of laws 16-2016 and 4-2017 (Criminal Law, Human Rights and Criminal Procedure Law, Penitentiary System); He participated in the training of the Community Judicial Facilitators of the OAS-Judicial Organ Program (Alternative Conflict Resolution Methods).

He is a university professor at Universidad Epecializada de las Americas, the University of
Panama, the Hosanna University and the Santa María La Antigua Catholic University, where he teaches masters, and postgraduate, graduate and undergraduate groups.

Etéreo Armando Medina Marín is a graduate of the Law School of the University of Panama. He has a Specialization in Management Development, The George Washington University; Master in Criminal Procedural Law and Criminal Law, Institute of Legal Study and Research; Diploma in Academic and Curricular Management, Judicial School; Diploma in Trainer of Trainers, Universidad Latina de Panamá; Postgraduate in Criminal Procedure Law, with a mention in the Constitutional Principles of the Accusatory System, Institute of Legal Study and Research; Master's in Alternative Conflict Resolution Methods emphasis in Arbitration, Universidad del Istmo; Postgraduate in Mediation and Conciliation, Universidad del Istmo; Diploma in Administration and Management of Human Resources, Specialized University of the Americas; Master of Higher Teaching, University of Panama; Diploma in Accusatory Penal System, University of Panama; Postgraduate in Higher Teaching, University of Panama and Diploma in Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration, Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua.