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Governing regulations for Drone operations

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Which bodies regulate the remotely-piloted and/or unmanned aircraft operations in Panama, under what basic laws?

A Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) is considered as an aircraft in Panama. The Aeronautical Standard No. AAC/DSA/DG/01-16, which regulates all the aspects and the registration of RPAS in Panama, defines aircraft as a machine that can be sustained in the atmosphere from reactions of the air, and not by the reactions of the same against the earth’s surface.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Panama (“AAC”) regulates the operations of the RPAS in Panama, under the Aeronautical Standard No. AAC/DSA/DG/01-16 (the “Regulations”).

Is drone transport permitted / regulated in Panama?

Yes, the transportation of cargo by drones is permitted in Panama, and is also regulated. However, the transportation of dangerous goods or illicit substances by drones is strictly prohibited.

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- An extract of the Drone Legislation Guide, originally published by L2b


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