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Aviation Law

Patton, Moreno & Asvat is the firm that represents the Republic of Panama within the L2B Group, an international association ranked by Chambers & Partners as a leading association of law firms in the Aeronautical field.


We represent to the main airlines, both commercial and private, creditors, lessors, lessees, mortgage creditors, and other actors in the aeronautics industry. 

Within the advisory services we offer to airlines and private entities involved in civil aviation, we can mention:

  • Aircraft Financing.

  • Aircraft Registration.

  • Registration of Mortgages on Aircraft or parts and Security Documents.

  • Aircraft Purchase/Sale Agreements.

  • Aircraft Leasing Agreements.

  • Counseling, management, approval and securing of operation permits, Exploitation Certificates of Commercial Aeronavigation Services for entities in diverse modalities (Transportation or Work Onboard), Operation Certificates for entities, fee schedules and general counseling in so far as transportation conditions, passengers, cargo and limits of responsibility, among others.

  • Handling of claims and commercial or civil disputes related to the matters herein listed by means of our litigation department.

  • Administrative Proceedings before the Civil Aeronautics General Bureau of the Republic of Panama.


Our partner María de Lourdes Marengo, leader of the area, is the author of the Panama chapter of “Aviation Finance & Leasing since 2014”, published by Getting the Deal Through, Law Business Research, England. She is also the author of "Aircraft Liens and Detention Rights" published by the renowned publisher Sweet & Maxwell.

She has been lecturer at the annual meeting of the L2B Group in Miami, Florida, on the current situation of Aeronautical Law in the Republic of Panama. She is also an active member of the International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA)


For many years, Dr. Brett Patton †, founding partner, was the author of the chapter "Aircraft Finance: Registration, Security and Enforcement", also specialized in Panamanian jurisdiction, by the editors Richard Hames and Graham McBain, a world-wide English publication.



María de Lourdes Marengo


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