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Tax Law

We offer specialized counseling in the structuring of the activities of the corporation to take advantage of special incentives, benefits, exonerations and other mechanisms that allow a reduction in the tax impact over their activities.

We provide legal advice to our clients regarding:

  • Planning the tax impact in present and future activities.

  • Structuring the business to benefit from the most efficient tax treatment, in coordination with the company’s auditors and other advisors.

  • Representation before the administrative tax authorities in all types of matters related to their activities.

  • Representation of their interests regarding legislative proposals that may affect their activities.

  • Assistance in the recognition of special tributary regimes that may benefit them.

Our Tax team are members of the International Tax Planning Assoiciation (ITPA) and the International Fiscal Association (IFA).   Also, with the purpose of keeping our clients duly informed and updated with regards to taxation matters, aware of the constant changes in this type of legislation, and the importance for national and international corporations to consider those changes in their financial operations, our lawyers keep up to date with the laws, rulings, administrative and judicial decisions governing this branch of the law, as well as with the different amendment that may arise.



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Khatiya Asvat

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