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Labor Law & Immigration


Panamanian labor conditions are governed by the Labor Code (Cabinet Decree No. 252 of December 30th, 1971 as modified). Legal subservience and economic dependence hallmark the existence of a job relationship under the Code. The existence of said relationship gives rise to the obligation for payment of wages.

Workers’ rights are considered a minimum and cannot be relinquished nor diminished. Any act, contract or statement suggesting waiver or impairment of worker’s rights is held to be null and void. Furthermore, employer or business’ division into different legal entities does not impinge on workers’ rights.

It is our purpose to provide our clients with the elements that are necessary to solve the daily arising inconveniences in their labor relations, as well as an adequate management of those relations.


Our services include:

  • Work Permits  

  • Labor Contracts

  • Termination of a labor relationship (dismissal, mutual consent, resignation)




Panama is being considered as one of the best places for living, why not, “the best way of living”, there is no doubt that Panama has all the advantages for being between the first places in the list of preferences for the investors, retired and pensioned and for all who had decided to choose the way of life that our country has to offer.

In Panama, the legal migratory status is obtained by a process with the Ministry of Government and Justice and its National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization. The obtainment of the legal migratory status has to be done by a lawyer.

For those who have decided to live in Panama, there are a great range of visas that any foreigner can apply, such as:

  • Retiree Visa

  • Pensioned Tourist Visa

  • Self Economic Solvency Visa

  • Small Business Investor Visa

  • Temporary Visa in agreement with the City of Knowledge

  • Temporary Visa for students

  • Visa by virtue of a Resolution of the Ministry of Labor, and Work Permit


Patton, Moreno & Asvatis vastly experienced in Immigration Law and recognizes the importance of this area of practice to the success of international clients setting operations in Panama.

In addition to the above mentioned visas, Patton, Moreno & Asvat, offers other immigration services such as:

  • Authorized Visas for countries of restricted nationality

  • Multiple Return Visa

  • Frequent Flyer Visa (non resident)

  • Work Permits

  • Other related immigration services



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