Entrepreneurs of Panama: Ebrahim Asvat

Ebrahim Asvat

Our founding partner Ebrahim Asvat, is one of the prominent entrepreneurs in the book “Emprendedores de Panamá”, authored by Mr. Moisés Cohen Mugrabi, President of Capital Bank. This book compiles the history of the beginnings of 40 successful entrepreneurs who have forged the economy of our country in various sectors.

“Each one of the stories is impressive and will leave a legacy for the future generations of this country,” said Moisés Cohen Mugrabi during the launch event, which was delivered to each of the project participants, who shared their stories about how they could realize and achieve their goals.


The entrepreneur is made.

It requires discipline and perseverance.

Know how to withdraw when the project collapses.

Do not be afraid of failure.

– Ebrahim Asvat