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Enrique Sibauste - LatAm INVESTOR Panama Report

Congratulations to our Partner, Enrique Sibauste, for his participation as a panelist at the launch of the LatAm INVESTOR Panama Report, celebrated last week in London. The exclusive event also included Panama's new Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Natalia Royo and Panama's Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Juan Carlos Sosa, as Keynote Speakers.

The event remarked the new government of Panama’s determination to leverage the country’s strategic position on the global trade map, to create digital, finance and high-tech manufacturing hubs, as well as the opportunities that this ambitious economic transformation presents to international investors.

The Latam Investor Panama Report includes an interview to our founding partner, Ebrahim Asvat, who shares with readers matters in connection to investment opportunities in Panama, how the finance regulator has increased compliance requirements, among other interesting affairs.


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