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Patton, Moreno & Asvat - L2b Aviation

Patton, Moreno & Asvat is proud of being the law firm that represents the Republic of Panama within L2b Aviation, the world's premier network of independent aviation law firms.

L2b Aviation members have the highest level of aviation expertise, providing creative, efficient, and economical solutions on the full range of aviation related matters.

These include:

  • Buying and selling commercial and business aircraft, including aircraft registration, de-registration & deliveries

  • All types of finance and leasing

  • Engine leasing and pooling

  • Lease termination and repossession of aircraft

  • Maintenance/customer support agreements

  • Passenger and cargo liability claims

  • Aviation labour law

  • Litigation, arbitration & dispute resolution

  • Regulatory

  • Insurance/reinsurance

  • Insolvency

  • Contentious and non-contentious regulatory issues

  • Airport and airline commercial agreements and all other airport related matters

  • Competition matters

  • Corporate tax/airline tax

  • Employment

  • Environmental

  • Dispute resolution

  • IT

  • Intellectual property

  • Aircraft Registration

  • Among others


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