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Qualified Investor Visa "Red Carpet Visa"

Panama has launched a new visa that comes hand in hand with permanent residence in the country. This visa is aimed at investors looking for a simple and fast immigration process without the need to physically be in Panama. Additionally, the alternatives to qualify for the visa are bridges for any investor seeking to settle in Panama, either alone or with their family or dependents.

To apply for this VIP or Red Carpet Visa as it is known colloquially, you must meet any of the following requirements:

  • Show investment of US$300,000 in the purchase of real estate in Panama free of liens, which must be maintained for a period of 5 years. The amount of US$300,000 is temporary to encourage applicants to use this route, by the end of 2022 it will rise to US$500,000.

  • Show investment of US$500,000 in the purchase of securities in the Panama stock market through an authorized Panamanian brokerage house, which must be maintained for a period of 5 years.

  • Show investment of US$750,000 in a time deposit for at least 5 years, in a bank in Panama with a general banking license

It is important to note that investments can be made personally, through a Panamanian company or Private Interest Foundation, as long as the applicant is the final beneficiary, and the origin of the funds for these investments comes from outside of Panama.

The applicant can apply to for this visa without physically being in Panama.

The processing of the residence permit is only thirty (30) days, counted from the date of filing of the application. This is because the law establishes a review of this visa through its own one-stop window, pursuant to the intended with a VIP service.


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