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Rodrigo López Maitín



T: +(507) 306-9600

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With more than 30 years of experience, Rodrigo López Maitín is specialist in Civil and Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, as well as in Arbitration. He also advises on issues of civil and commercial contracting, commercial partnerships, private interest foundations, administration and structuring of assets, as well as in the development of construction projects.

He has held positions in the public sector as National Director of Legal Advice of the National Institute of Renewable Natural Resources, (INRENARE) (1990-1991), Advisor in the Directorate of Legal Advice, in the Legislative Technical Advice (1999-2003) and Director of Citizen Participation of the Legislative Assembly. He is the legal guardian of the bankruptcy of THE PROVIDENCE CORPORATION, appointed by the Sixteenth Civil Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama, from March 1, 2001 to the date.

He is a professor of Commercial Law, Contracts and Negotiable Documents at the Universidad Santamaría la Antigua (USMA) and the author of several articles on the subject.  


He graduated from the Law and Political Sciences School of the University of Panama; Master in Law with Specialization in Private Law, University of Panama; Postgraduate in International Trade with an emphasis in International Marketing Management, University of Panama. In the same way he has an International Diploma in Negotiation, Treaties and International Trade, University of Santiago de Chile and specialized courses in Arbitration dictated by the ICC and the Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce (Cecap).


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